Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Songs of Provocation, the Epilogue

Songs of Provocation, the Epilogue

While this event did not make the MSM or the BBCTV news it should nevertheless be documented for future generations to prove that their forefathers, foremother’s, fore-aunts, fore-uncles, fore-nephews and fore-nieces….. you get the general idea, did make a stand for freedom before the Eurabia Curtain finally descended right across Europe, and plunged the land into darkness.

This forgotten moment of passive resistance took place about the time all the European countries had signed the last EU treaty, the treaty of Berlin. It was the defining moment when the lights went out all over the land, and this dark period of the total reformation went on to encompass the whole land mass of Europe. Was this to be another 1000 year Reich?

The British National Party whose numbers in the UK had swelled to the point that even Brussels were concerned that if they were to take power they just might call for a referendum on self government for their people but more disturbingly, demand freedom of speech.

A rally had been organised in a farmer’s field for British National Party supporters, sympathisers, members and closet admirers. There were jumpy castles, ice cream and Punch and Judy shows for the children and face painting for the mums and dads.

What came as a complete surprise to everyone was the arrival of the two politically active street buskers who were now celebrities in their own right after the fracas in the Kingston Mall. They had even made an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show, been pursued by the paparazzi on motor bikes and were due for auditions for Celebrity Survivor.

I must admit I did experience a certain amount of ominous unease and dark foreboding as to the direction the afternoon was about to take. I had noticed the Banjo player had stuck a small English flag decal on the peg head of his banjo. Did he really want to become a martyr to the cause? Perhaps he was tired of life. People do end their life prematurely. Was it deliberate provocation aimed squarely at her Majesty's State Police Force? Maybe the future for his country was too terrible to contemplate, who knows?

The State Police Force had been bussed in from neighbouring counties to control the vast numbers of supporters but more importantly to keep an eye on some very strange, unkempt, wild-eyed humanoids that were circling the crowds but keeping their distance, like carrion looking for any wounded animal to pull down or dead carcases to feed on. They appeared human enough except their knuckles dragged on the ground.

They would take one step forward and then six steps back if they felt their person was about to be violated. Their leader an aging, grey haired be-spectacled Mr. Garry Bagels, an immigrant from the Holy Land urged his comrades to keep their red flags high and to chant words of derision and obscenities that were inaudible due to the large numbers of people.

I noticed that one of his disciples, a young skinny unwashed female with black lipstick had her Castro tee shirt on back to front, with a label informing all and sundry that the item she was wearing was made in Taiwan. There was a middle aged lady wearing a tweed coat and trousers and sporting close cropped hair with the faintest suspicion of a moustache, she reminded me of Aunt Gladys.

Gladys never married you know. We never understood why.

As the first verse of Rule Britannia rang out across the vast crowd I noticed the Policemen nervously fingering their batons. The two overweight lady Policemen tried to adjust their stab proof vests over their well endowed physical attributes and the diminutive be-meddled police commissioner was noticeably sweating. When the song had finished the applause was rapturous.

What followed next does not bear thinking about. It was at this point the buskers were faced with a terrible dilemma, a possibly life threatening decision when a small voice from the crowd called out ‘Sing Jerusalem” The cry was taken up by the crowd who chanted. “WE WANT JERUSALEM! WE WANT JERUSALEM!” You must understand this song had long been deemed to be racist and inflammatory by the authorities, and the singing of it meant instant arrest.

The Mouth Organ player turned to the Banjoist and whispered, “Right Jack, on the count of four. One, Two, Three, Four” The words of the English poet William Blake and Parry’s music rang out across the sunny English countryside, words from a long time past sung with undisguised patriotic fervour;

And did those feet in ancient times
Walk upon England’s mountains green.

It was not a pretty sight. The muffled order appeared to come from the Police Commissioner. “CHARGE!” followed by "LOOSEN THE DOGS". A swathe was cut through the crowd as the State Policemen headed for the Buskers. A police dog bowled over the Punch and Judy tent. I would rather not discuss the terrible events that followed the order to ‘Charge’ other than to say that this time the buskers were not so fortunate. This time the mouth organ was confiscated on order of a Senior Policeman.

The banjoist later told the court that a Lady Policeman maliciously tightened up his tuning pegs and broke all his strings, an accusation that the judge dismissed as reckless and frivolous. In passing, to fully explain the ferocity of the afternoon events, two jumpy castles were wrecked, and Punch went missing.

One bystander said he witnessed a burly Somali lady policeman stuffing Punch down her blouse. Perhaps she had children. Who knows?

The Buskers escaped with a caution as their solicitor, when asking for leniency, told the judge both his clients were physically and sexually abused as children, got hooked on drugs and alcohol whilst at primary school, left full time education at ten and were politically naïve and easily led but were prepared to attend Racial Awareness and Diversity Enrichment courses to Diploma level at evening classes and do volunteer work in deprived visibly ethnic clusters.

Oh! I forgot, and were deeply remorseful for their transgressions.

As a footnote the BBCTV will be doing a hard hitting, no holds barred documentary on the ever-growing scourge of patriotic parties whose manifesto is to immediately stop uncontrolled immigration, take rape and reverse discrimination seriously and make the country a safer place to live in.